Sunday, December 26, 2010

finally eveything is done~

i rearranged my timetable and at first it was a mess..i thought im goung crazy, cheyyy...
selalunya i only need to take it from my,i have to do it all by myself,bencinya...

p/s:im no longer group A except for management~

Saturday, December 25, 2010


and this is my first karaoke courseware done by me..

a simple courseware for our assignment which should be educational but we want to have some fun..ngehe...and we love karaoke-ing!!! as you know i cant download it here, so just a few snapshot of the courseware..

colourful courseware aite?? ahaha

my multimedia work~hahaha

my first multimedia work using just an amateur, since im the lazy type, i've done it last minute and this is ultimate flash movie...cheyyyyy

i cant upload it,im goin to post only the picture n front cover for my flash movie..aha

one of the scene in 'Adie Si Rambut Tempek'

we have to show the storyline of our flash movie to Sir Robert, since I created the title in just a few minutes before he called me to the front, this came out " Adie Si Rambut Tempek". Adie is one of my classmates, as you can see 'rambut tempek', i just can't explain it...what i know is that we always teased him with that gelaran, hahahahaha

another rejection

i thought i have a chance to know him better, well im full of imagination, maybe he's one of it..

yes,everything doesnt work like i wanted too...but thats okay,i already used to rejection... lots of my friend said im the one yang 'jual mahal'...i dunno...when it comes to love,im the unlucky one...


i just found out bout soko, her voice is just flawless, should i say flawless? yes..

p/s: i wish my voice is like her.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

introducing to u~my pets

my family love cats~and we have lotsa cats...and we have bird to,tweety sama...ahaha,we tried searching for its species through internet but we failed...huhu


ensem sik???

tweety~i think shes a female..only god knows..

Thursday, December 16, 2010


aduh, start laa rasa kosong tok...aduh2
sakit tok eyhhh~

luahan hati seorang saya

inilah luahan hatiku,

kepadamu yang amat ku sayangi,

kehidupan yang ku lalui kini tidak seindah dahulu,

kerana dirimu terlalu taksub dengan duniamu,

kenangan manis yang ada bersamamu,

hanya kau biarkan ia beradu,

tanggungjawabmu kau lepaskan,

semata-mata kerana kebebasan,

cinta agung yang di bina dahulu,

kau runtuhkan kerana si pujangga bayang,

kau pura-purakan hidupmu,

agar menarik perhatian,

wahai kau yang ku sayangi,

ingatlah warisan yang kau abaikan.

Khas buat,



Gagal Calculus 2 ku....huhu, cuba laa sir ya tolong kit,grade aku ckit jak mk lulus ya..spoil rekod alu jak..
i kinda jealous at my friends cuz they passed their exams with flying colors, and im not..
i know im the lazy type, so cant say anything, sendiri punya pasal...ngehh
i was depressed too, with these whole things that happened to family problems,my health issues and my study...
nasibla ada genk2 yang ada kt sebelah aku sentiasa, and bolehla hepi2kan aku..tenks guys =)
i went out just now with fqah,syafiq,zaid n his brother,angela n her sister *couldnt remember their names*
we played archery and was helly is so nice to be with them, we talked alot about everything..yeah,i had a lot of fun..tenks to them...makseh genk!!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


maal hijrah 1432H... 19~
life's getting tougher everyday...
i hope for a better expedition in my life??
i cut my hair short,still,'jiwa gadis' masih ada...aha
ill try not to be a noty girl,ill try not to 'boros'...
ill try to be more mature..
ill try to keep a good grade in college..
ill try not to have any lovey dovey story in my life..
duh,leng chai susah mau cari..
xterpikat pun dgn saya...huhu
i hope my pointer for this sem will be better than before..i guess it's a disaster,didnt study well...
maybe ill repeat 1 or 2 paper?
gosh,i dont want to continue my study..

listening to jikustik~!!!