Friday, June 3, 2011

balik campus lagi


i wont be able to update my blog from now on...cuzzzz
im going back to kuching
semester break is ovaaaaaa....huuuuuh

bye2 to my old anak,lappy kacak...
and welcome lappy hensem...<3<3



it has been two years
im waiting for you
to tell you something
that i have kept for years

im kinda looked like stalker
but im not cuz i am madly in love with you
your eyes can make me smile
made me dreaming in the class
oh my i need you by my side

sometimes i acted stupid in front of you
i said something i shouldnt say
i did something i shouldnt do
ow what a fool of me

my friend used to say
why i cant be myself in front of you
what should i do
i just i cant think straight becuz of you