Saturday, November 27, 2010

manga TIME

ive been reading idk maybe 8 mangas online.

here's the link

i tried but something wrong with their site.

hari yang agak membosankan di rumah

i guess nothing special happened for this year holidays. i spent most of my time in my sanctuary called 'rumah'. yeah, home sweet home~ but, it isn't sweet at all. should i say that? absolutely.

listening to amrita hikikatari :P

Friday, November 19, 2010


pity me...
no one want to teach me playing i learnt it myself..whaaaaaa~
thank god, i improved a bit...ckit jak improve ya~
i knew several chords..but i'm stupid at reading tabs..ngaaa *crying*
and i learnt about tuning the guitar.. *laughing*
but my fingertip's hurts alot
nvm,better than dongi nothing at home...

not listening to anything

-im using my own lappy,u know what happened to my lappy-

A mistake???


Dear M,

Stop all your stupid act. Please, I beg you. I never stop hoping that you'll change one day, but until now you never change. I always pretend that I live in a normal life because of you. Please, let me live in a normal life. Is that a big deal? I just want my life back. Please~


Monday, November 15, 2010

unexpected day out???

YEAY~finally our last paper is over!!! *jumping around*
All my girlfriends went home already, so i ask Adie to have dinner with me.
That 'dinner' end up with us hang out at Taman Sahabat.
Adie,Lan,Fil and me.
We bought tiga bungkus Pisang Goreng Keju and ate them behind Cheng Ho's statue *mcm pelik jak bunyi nya*
And then,Lan sent us back to the hostel.
Because of our keboringan semakin memuncak, we ended up 'melepak' at youth floor.
Around 9.45 pm we went to DI aka Desa Ilmu to eat again at Resto Galleria. We just cant stop eating,three dinner in one night. is it wonderful? aha....

Saturday, November 13, 2010

while waiting for her~

tiang in front of me


sunyi x?

jalan g klua gading

longkang besar that im talking about..ada buih gk ya

i waited for Azzryn outside her' asrama'. it was raining and mosquitoes are everywhere,well what do you expect,im sitting right beside a big and smelly 'longkang',their home sweet home.

Half an hour has gone, so i decided to take some picture with my SE. These are the results of my boredom.


listening to versailles-serenade *crying*

rndom pictures from my SE phone-5mp cam but the quality is low. *sigh*

pusak masok bilit kmkorg...
sir kelvin goh~ho ya ho
pusak lan~besa wooooo
tyme blaja java~aisssshhh2

5.22 am

subuh already~

listening to FEM-Rocketeer

I have to study!!!!!
And then "MERDEKA"...yeay
can;t wait to see Miri...
I mish u Miri...

Girl BE AMBITIOUS!!!! -miyavi-

2.27 am

listening to miyavi - girl,be ambitious

i try my best to improve my English rite now, so ignore me~

it's 2.36 am rite now and i still cant get myself a nice and warm sleep *maybe bcuz of my long evening nap* -__-'

i cut my hair~again and it looked nice my opinion la..
okay,i dont have any idea what im trying to say actually...i just cant sleep~@__@

part 1:my study cycle
i plan to study Economics today..haha...well,i ended up sleeping that evening and been busy with my facebook the whole day...and youtubing~!!
i guess my 'otak' cant take it anymore...or else it will explode...naaaah, actually im just lazy...thats all...
its not my fault for being lazy, they give us a week holiday before our last paper and the result of became zombies... and what do zombies do? they EAT and HUNT!!! *hehe...the hunting part errr just ignore it*

part 2:my love story
"mok x couple?"
"haha..couple?? kw knl aku baruk jak sekejap."
"sikpa,tyme kta couple klak kta knl dirik masing2." *goosebump*

my answer is absolutely NO.

i love being emo...haha...reason? ill be more artistic.
art is my way to express my emotions.
ill write poems or lyrics, sketching or just enjoy the nature...
no more tears~chey

part 3: back to basic
back to basic...i used to listen to Japanese rock band, then i stopped...and now im listening to them back...their music suits me well and i was bewitched by their super duper awesome songs and lyrics..especially girugamesh, antic cafe and the gazette...they really can express their true feeling in their performance which is why i love them so much...their looks??? it's a bonus point..teehee

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

u noe what???? im in luv!!!! YEAY!! a good news from me....but it's not!!!
im in luv to a *tut* guy...o shite~
im out!!!

its killing me~!!

apa perasaan korang bila 'ditipu' oleh orang yang dekat jak ngan kita?
not our bf or bff but someone dat is closer to you like ur family~
idk how to explain 'ditipu' ya~yang semestinya perasaannya macam ditipu...

i love my family but at the same tyme, i hate them
too much beban bagi kat kita n they never realize how much i need them rite now~
ku sanggup gik ada family yang live in a normal life....
idk~maybe im the 1 yang think too much about the situation...entahla...
yang lain mcm xkesah jak..but 4 me bnda ya 'terlalu besar' k ku rasa skarang....
gosh, how i miss my childhood life...

ftw~ouh no!!!